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Hi. is a free, fully customizable community site built by and for
bioresearchers. We have a collection of links to 1339 online protocols, 1191
online journals and 85 forums by 3/31/2001.

PROTOCOLS are well indexed. You can build a list of favorite protocols of
your own. You can also comment on a protocol and this commentary is shared
by researchers of similar interest.

JOURNALS are indexed into 19 categories. The majority of the journals can be
accessed online as long as your institution subscribes to them. In addition,
our list of journals that provide FREE back issues has grown into 113
journals. The 'Journal Club' module is an experiment. Here you can initiate
discussions on a paper that you have read or participate in discussions on a
paper already initiated. For example, go to:

The website is growing daily and new features are added based on feedbacks
from our colleagues. So if you have time, please take a look at it. Any
feedbacks would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks. 

webmaster of 


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