PCR problem

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Thu May 3 06:01:40 EST 2001

In article <9cp98n$9ui$1 at s1.read.news.oleane.net>, Fabien Jovelin
<f.jovelin at eurosequence.com> wrote:

> I have encountered a strange problem doing large amount of PCR :  I have
> done a premix with all the composants and the PCR did not work...for the
> same DNA, and primers I have done the PCR without premix and it worked
> well...it seems there is no problem of appariement and I have done Hot start
> PCR.
> any explanation ???

Do you mean you have put ALL the ingredients in :IE Taq+primers +
everthing apart from template?

Make a Mix without either Taq or with everything except primers.
> Fabien

PS i know this is basic so don't feel I'm not giving you the benefit of
the doubt. It's sometimes one forgets the basics. :-))))


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