SV: Nested PCR

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg at
Thu May 3 09:33:44 EST 2001

Nested PCR is when you do two rounds of amplification. In the second round
you use primers that anneal inside the first PCR product. This way you can
increase the sensitivity and specificity of the PCR reaction. Nested PCR may
be done either by a smaller cycle number with the first primer set then
adding the internal primers, or you may dilute the PCR reaction from the
first round and do a new PCR reaction with the internal primers, after
diluting the first PCR reaction for instance 500-fold.

Dag Rune

Rene Hummerich <humm at> skrev i
meldingsnyheter:3AF1025E.6165454C at
> Hello!
> Could someone please explain to me the general principles of nested PCR
> and also a rough protocol would be a help. The text books are not so
> forthcoming with information on this technique. Thanks a lot!
> Rene
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