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Tim Spahlinger txs at
Wed May 9 06:32:48 EST 2001

Hi Deanne,

A number of our investigators have been pleased with the
sequencing that Davis Sequencing provides.  They're at U of
C at Davis (just about 180 miles down the road from you?),
and their URL is

As far as I know they don't do cloning.  However, Invitrogen
sells several kits for cloning that are easy, fast and
efficient to use.  We've used their TOPO cloning kits
successfully (and I've not had much experience with
cloning).  You might want to check them out at under Cloning Products.

I'm not affiliated with these companies, just a satisfied
customer of theirs.

Deanne Bell wrote:
> Hi all
> We want to get a DNA fragment of interest sequenced.
> I am absolutely sure I can isolate this DNA fragment from an agarose gel -
> I am in need of cloning and sequencing services  (in the USA)
> Does anyone have suggestions of where I can go and/or where I should stear
> clear of?
> Thanks ahead of time
> Deanne Bell
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> USDA Agricultural Research Service
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> Fresno, CA 93727
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