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Deanne Bell dbell at qnis.net
Wed May 9 16:36:20 EST 2001

O.K. Lets see if I am learning this stuff

Let's say I want to know the sequence from a DNA band obtained by doing a
I would need to clone it because 1)   I could not be sure that the band is
composed of the same fragment and 2)   both ends of the fragment would be
the same sequence (from the single primer). I would need to purify the band
from the agarose.  Then I would clone it into a vector with a known forward
primer sequence and a known reverse primer sequence.  Then select one
colony so that I know all the fragments in the sequencing are the same. 
Then purify that DNA -  with a plasmid mini-prep kit type of thing??  Then
send it to someone for sequencing.

BUT, let's say I have a DNA band from a PCR that specifically amplifies the
large sub-unit ribosomal DNA.  I can be pretty confidant that all the
fragments in that band are the same.  Then I could clean up DNA with a PCR
clean up kit and send it to someone for sequencing along with an aliquote
of my primer.

thanks for your time
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