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The cloning step can be routinely and easily skipped.   It  is just a matter
of following the correct protocol.

Sequencing from PCR products is done routinely just upstairs... if you need
protocols that work see http://go-lab.unl.edu/protocols/MasterProtocol.html

Deanne Bell wrote:

> O.K. So . . .
> If you want to sequence something >700bp you need to know both forward and
> reverse primer sites (so you can sequence from both ends)
> And you need to be able to disregard the first 50bp
> And there can be several copies of genes in any given genome
> It sounds to me like it is wiser to clone all the time
> So what are the conditions in which you can skip the cloning step?
> I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, I really am trying to learn this
> stuff.
> Thanks again
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