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Wed May 23 11:26:04 EST 2001

In article <r5N0bbAi72C7EAyl at>, Dr. Duncan Clark
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> In article <220520012123269250%dmicklem at cmgm.nospam.invalid>, the
> eminent David Micklem at University of Cambridge, England wrote
> >These constant messages from alkami are getting bl**dy annoying!
> I put them in my kill file maybe two years ago so don't see them any
> more. I also complained to Alkami but it obviously had no effect. All
> you can do is complain to them and possibly to their whoever owns their
> internet access.
> Duncan

I have to agree with David that they are very annoying, however before
you completely forget about them I would recommend a quick perusal of
their primer design tips. A while back I posted a summary of as many
online primer design tips as I could find one bored afternoon, and
Alkami's collected guidelines were easily the most entertainingly
self-contradictory. There are too many gems to quote them all, but I
can't resist reposting their crystal clear opinions on GC clamps.

1 " Start and end primers with 1-2 purine bases "

2 " Try to avoid Gs and Cs at the 3' ends "

3 " The primer should be able to form "G/C" clamps "
If you're not confused enough, check out the rest of the tips at

Happy primer "designing",

John (no afils etc.)

P.S. Hi Dave, I see above that you've been upgraded to Your Eminence
now apparently - I really am beginning to lag behind on these

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