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Dr. Duncan Clark news at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu May 24 03:09:08 EST 2001

In article <200105232204.f4NM4mG03406 at ns.qnis.net>, the eminent Deanne
Bell at BIOSCI/MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre wrote
>another rookie question from Dee Bell
>Please tell me how to make a kill file ? ! ? !

I'm afraid it is down to the software you use to read news or mail
posts. Some news and mail readers allow you to have kill files such that
you can kill on subject, author, thread or a combination. If I put you
in my kill file I would never visually see posts from yourself. The
software would identify your post in the news headers initially
retrieved and then not collect the body of that killed post from
whatever news server I use.  Kill files can be very useful for blocking
posts from say Alkami or any other company that uses the same e-mail
address to post spam over and over again etc.

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