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>I'm looking at real time pcr machines available, could anybody let me
>know if the biorad i-cycler is good or other brands that they like?

It also depends upon exactly what you are looking for. If it is only a
few assays then a Cepheid SmartCycler may be useful. If it is up to 36
or 72 samples with very good optics i.e. minimal overlap between two
channels due to excellent filtering, then the Corbett RotorGene is one
to consider.

If you have to have 96 well plate capability then you are down to three
(until a Hybaid machine is out), ABI 7700, i-Cycler and Stratagene's


PS some disclaimers. We own a SmartCycler but my RotorGene is on loan
from Corbett, but I do honestly like it!
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