Any reviews for hybaid or eppendorf gradient PCR machines

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Thu May 24 12:11:21 EST 2001

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> Hi folks,
> we are demo'ing gradient PCR machines.  The hybaid has a real attractive
> price and is fairly straight forward to program.  It also comes with a three
> year warranty.  Does anyone have comments about this machine?  Our other
> pick is the Brinkman eppendorf gradient mastercycler - any comments?
> Thanks for your suggestions,
> K


We have an Eppendorf gradient mastercycler. I like the machine, it
seems to work well, is speedy and has a very flexible block that
accomodates different sizes of tubes. Programming is not too bad but
the learning curve was rather steep, IMHO. I cannot compare to the
hybaid as I haven't used the latter. If you have specific questions
about the mastercycler, feel free to contact me.

Pam Norton

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