Two questions: Absolute EtOH and Carboxypeptidase Digestion

Michael Witty mw132 at
Mon May 28 08:00:51 EST 2001

> Hi, I know this is a molbio board, but I'm going to post my chem
> question anyways since I know there are a lot of helpful people on this board.

We are flattered!  Though my chemistry is very weak.

> I recently performed an experiment involving the determination if an
> equilibrium constant in two solvent systems:  (1) absolute ethanol and
> (2) water

What is your system?  A peptidase reaction in water (buffer?) and ethanol
(buffered ethanol?)

> would anyone know what %age the EtOH would be after absorbing water?
> (ie. ?95%?, 90%?)

No, not off hand but I think the keyword is azeotrope.  Ethanol cannot be
made 100% by distillation and has a tendency to keep a certain amount of
water.  Try checking a chemistry textbook for ethanol distillation (or
look at the data printed on the side of the ethanol bottle).

Regards, Mike.

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