Manuals for ABI CE270A and 480 Thermal cycler?

Jan Hoolwerf hoolwerf at
Wed May 30 08:31:43 EST 2001

Hello Dr.!

On Tuesday May 29 2001, Dr. Duncan Clark wrote to All:

 DDC> I've been gifted an old but working PE 480 thermal cycler

We still use three of those old machines. They simply won't stop 
working :-)

 DDC> but there are no programming instructions and the small play I 
 DDC> have
 DDC> had hasn't got me too far! It is not as simple as a 2400 or 9700!

You're spoiled! :-)

 DDC> If anyone local to me in the UK, (Farnborough), has a manual or
 DDC> programing instructions that could be photocopied at my expense,
 DDC> I would appreciate hearing from them.

Well, i'm not local to you but not that far away. Could i help you with 
the short manual? It contains everything you need but without any 

regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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