PCR Primer Guidelines

stewartl at alkami.com stewartl at alkami.com
Wed May 30 16:09:54 EST 2001

John Dixon wrote:

> Alkami's collected guidelines were easily the most entertainingly
> self-contradictory. There are too many gems to quote them all, but I
> can't resist reposting their crystal clear opinions on GC clamps.
> If you're not confused enough, check out the rest of the tips at
> http://www.alkami.com/primers/refprmr.htm

Dear John,

As you note and as is clearly stated on our primer design page, "The
guidelines listed below are from a variety of origins and the ranges
listed are the extreme values from all sources". Clearly there are
differing opinions about how to address various PCR issues. Given the
wide range of laboratory conditions, sample sources and product goals
(e.g. specificity, fidelity and/or yield) no doubt much of the PCR
advice found in the literature is appropriate only for certain

We welcome comments about our PCR reference resources and will be glad
to add constructive comments to our site as it will benefit everyone who
uses our pages to help with their PCR protocols.

Please cc: or send comments directly to me at stewartl at alkami.com since
general postings to the newsgroup do not always come to my attention.


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