PCR supermix

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at ibms.sinica.edu.tw
Thu May 31 00:50:55 EST 2001

Dear Liang, 

New and concenient products almost always are expensive, 
especially when people are willing to pay. The price doesn't 
necessarily reflect the costs of development and manufacturing 
(despite that it should cover them ;-)

You might include an aliquot in your next SDS PAGE. I wouldn't 
be surprised if you'll find BSA. Probably there also is some 
DTT and PEG present. And maybe a littlebit of EDTA and 
protease inhibitor.
In which applications are supermixes useful? Is there any 
advantage compared with mixing the reagents just before use 
and spending two pipet tips?


> A few companies are selling PCR supermix. But they are very expensive.
> I am wondering what is the stablizer in there? Any information? Thanks.
> Liang Zhang
> Research Associate
> Washington University
> School of Medicine
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