Purification of ssDNA from ssDNA/dsDNA

Patrick Lynch
Thu May 31 08:23:47 EST 2001


I've used a matrix called BNDC (look it up in Sigma) to remove s/s DNA from
d/s DNA.  The matrix binds s/s DNA very well in the presence of 0.8M LiCl
and I use it in a batch method, ie just add pre-equilibrated resin to your
DNA solution.  Not too sure how you get the ssDNA off the resin as I only
needed the d/sDNA - perhaps a quick NaOH/HCL treatment?  Here's a good
reference: Nelson, S.F. et al., Nat Genet (1993) 4, 11-17 (under GMS
conditions in the methodology section at the end).

Hope this helps,



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