Screening cDNA library with another library

Frazer Murray frazer.murray at
Thu May 31 12:01:20 EST 2001

Hi all
Does anyone have experience, or know of a protocol, for screening a cDNA
library with another library. The library to be screened would be arrayed
onto nylon, say 10,000 colonies/membrane. Could RNA used to make the probe
library be labelled (or label cDNA from that RNA after rtPCR) and used to
screen the macroarray. The idea is to try and screen out clones from the
library of interest which are present in the library used as the probe as
it has been well sequenced.
There will be clones in the probe library which have not been sequenced
due to them being in relatively low abundance but the hope would be that
they would also give negligible signal.
If anyone has heard of such a protocol I would be most grateful.


Frazer Murray
Roslin Institute
frazer.murray at

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