May glycerol interfere with Biorad protein assay?

D.K. dk at
Mon Nov 5 21:17:23 EST 2001

"Stefi~" <xxxgifalone at> wrote:
>I have a protein sample (origin: peak eluted from chromatofocusing) that
>contains glycerol. In my Biorad total protein assay (200uL Biorad+800uL
>sample diluted) I obtain strange readings! With 2 uL of sample I obtain
>A=0,300 but with 4 uL I read 0,200!!!! How can it be possibile? 

Ampholytes interfere with Bradford assay. Glycerol almost does not.

>Does anyone
>know what's happening? Thanx 2 every1!

Use BCA assay in this case and you will be fine.


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