DNA extraction mouse liver

Sergio sergioal at bbm1.ucm.es
Tue Nov 6 07:03:03 EST 2001

barbro e johnsen ha escrito:

> I have a problem with DNA extraction from mouse liver.  I use a standard
> protocol, lysis w protK, phenol ext, precipitation w EtOH.  But when I
> add EtOH, some white precipitate forms which is not my DNA.  I cannot
> see any DNA threads as expected.  This protocol works fine for all other
> mouse organs I have tried, exept liver.  What shall I do?  I have
> checked various other protocols on the net, and they are more or less
> the same as I am using.
> B.

It could be the glycogen stored in the liver. Sometimes to get rid of glycogen
an another hydrocarbons is very tricky (since thay have similar chemical
behaviour than nucleic acids). I never had that problem, but maybe you could add
a glycogen enzymatic degradation in your protocol.

Hope this helps.


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