Deparaffin for DNA isolation

Emanuela Guerra guerra at
Thu Nov 8 12:05:01 EST 2001

Hi Victor, we tried Xylene in parallel with a non  toxic substitute
called Histolemon (Carlo Erba; an italian brand, so I guess no good for
you) on 5-15 um thick slices and they both work fine. Also, for PCR
applications (and for thin sections) we often skip the deparaffination
step ando go straight to PK/Tween20 digestion for 12-24 hours, adding
fresh PK half-way through the incubation


"Victor L." wrote:

> Hello all,
> I will use paraffin-embedded material soon and will appreciate an
> update on deparaffination techniques.
> Is the good old Xylene still the state-of-the-art or are you using
> Ex-Wax (Intergen) or Pinpoint (Zymo Research)?
> If you ARE using these or any others I will appreciate your comments.
> Thanks,
> Victor

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