Competent BL21 strains- preferred method anyone ?

Christopher W Kafer ckafer at
Thu Nov 8 12:42:55 EST 2001

So dont maintain the pLysS or pLysE plasmid in the bug.  Co-transform with 
either of those plasmids plus your expression construct.  Minimal extra 

Sergio <sergioal at> wrote in
news:3BEA6514.2CC34E0E at 

> And the one with pLysS is also bad for electroporation just for the
> same reason. When washing them it always appear a certain amount of
> lysed cells which could produce arching (<- is this the english term??)
> during electric shock. Anyway, we always get enough transformant cells
> (just a single one would be enough, but suspicious..)
> Sergio

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