NJ njuni at poppy.ocn.ne.jp
Thu Nov 8 21:58:15 EST 2001

It is usable, but:
1) CDP-star would be superior to CSPD in all aspects.
2) The company (formerly Tropix, now ABI?) claims that both CDP-star and
CSPD can be 10-fold enhanced by using Nitro-Block II, although they can work
without it (in the case of nitrocellulose membrane, that agent is
indispensable to CDP-star/CSPD detection).


in article B80F1411.11C%jakku71 at yahoo.com, Jayakumar R at jakku71 at yahoo.com
wrote on 11/8/01 6:36 AM:

> Hi..
> is using CSPD as a substrate for detecting proteins (AP conjugated
> antibodies were used) on PVDF membranes a good idea? Is the sensitivity
> affected in any way?
> thank you
> sincerely
> jayakumar

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