RT-PCR of low abundancy RNA

Sushma Tiwari bsssmt at bath.ac.uk
Tue Nov 13 05:59:32 EST 2001

could you let me know how the good the omniscript is?

Mirek Svoboda wrote:

> Hello,
> It depends on your substrate to be amplified: if you have G-rich, short  RNA
> copies /100-2000nt/ AMV is better.
> But if you have longer substrates with normal G-content, RevertAid, H
> Minus-M-MULV RT from Fermentas /www.ferments.com/ is working very well
> according to our experience. I heard that OmniScript from Quiagene is
> superior, we will try it in next 14 days.
> Best wishes,
> Mirek
> <http://www.biowww.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=4519&t=4375>
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