PfuTurbo (hotstart version)

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Tue Nov 13 06:13:50 EST 2001

Thanks for the replies so far.

I've read elsewhere that Pwo and Pfu are identical in terms of aa sequence.
However, in my hands Pwo works and PfuTurbo doesn't. Pfu only fails in
reactions primed by long oligos (60mers in my case). The same template
amplified by shorter primers works fine. I do not understand why this is the
case. I hear from someone else using Pfu that PAGE purification helps.
Again, it eludes me. Even if bases are missing from the 5' end, why would
this affect polymerization?

If Pwo and Pfu are identical, then the buffer must be responsible for any
discrepancies. Pwo buffer is just straight MgSO4, while Pfu's is more
complex and has loads of detergent in it.


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> Dear Duncan,
> Despite Pfu and Pwo are from different species (P. furiosus and P.
> Reads interesting.
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> Wo
> > They have identical amino acid sequence so are the same
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