PfuTurbo (hotstart version)

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Tue Nov 13 07:01:00 EST 2001

Dear Roland,

So we know now where the deep vents are (I am probably the last to know)

...still everybody seems to cook - boil? with water...

(hoping any non german idio-matic will get the message)


> >> They have identical amino acid sequence so are the same
> ...
> > Despite Pfu and Pwo are from different species (P. furiosus and P. 
> > woesii)?
>  Read: they got different species DESIGNATIONS  ;^)
>  BTW, Deep Vent has insertion in seq... quite "closely" related too, eh?
>  I seem to recall that some were 'even' (!) switched GENUS over the last 
> years... likely a question of learning more about those "exotic" 
> beasties...
>  Roland

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