PfuTurbo (hotstart version)

Frederik Wirtz-Peitz fw218 at
Tue Nov 13 07:16:17 EST 2001

Extension time with Pwo was 1 min/kb. PfuTurbo fails at both 1 min/kb and 2
min/kb. Actually, 2 min/kb gave me a faint band of about 10 ng (I ran out
approx. 10% of the reaction). Otherwise the program was identical, yes.

Maybe the Pwo buffer results in decreased fidelity. But what good is a
buffer that gives me the best fidelity but no product?

Anyway, I will post the results of Pfu in Pwo buffer later.

The Pwo isn't hotstart but still didn't give any unspecific product. I don't
understand myself. Why am I wasting all this time and money?

Thanks so far,


"Roland Hübner" <roland.hubner at> wrote in message
news:3bf103c2$1 at
> > If Pwo and Pfu are identical, then the buffer must be responsible for
> > discrepancies.
> Hello,
>  of course the buffers are different AND affect Hifi of the pol...
> Perhaps, and there is certainly some lit about that, more processivity =
> lower fidelity?
> Cheers,
> Roland
>  BTW, was the cycling prg. (especially ext. time) identical in your
> comparisons?

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