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Thu Nov 15 03:16:41 EST 2001

What about setting up an ELISA reaction. That can be made quantitatively and
there will not be any problem with a smear - as in your WB



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"Trond Erik Vee Aune" <teva at> wrote in message
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> Hi all!
> How do you measure the amount of protein from expression studies? We've
> been trying to quantify the yield from protein gels and from Western
> blots, but without much success. The protein is denaturated from
> inclusion bodies, and what we see is more of a smear than distinct
> bands. So perhaps our method for preparing the samples are flawed. Do
> you know of any good protocols for preparing pellet fractions containing
> inclusion bodies that shall be run on gels and blotted? Does it happen
> that not all of the inclusion bodies are avaiable for antibody binding
> and hence detection?
> The software is not helping either. We currently use Bio-Rads Quantity
> One software, do you know of any other software that may do the trick,
> that is to quantify bands from either gel or blot and estimate yield
> compared to a standard?
> Kind regards,
> Trond Erik Vee Aune

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