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Turbo or not, the polymerase remains identical. And in my case this magical
cofactor kills processivity, it does not enhance it. Simply a money-making
scheme if you ask me.


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> >However, in my hands Pwo works and PfuTurbo doesn't. Pfu only fails in
> >reactions primed by long oligos (60mers in my case). The same template
> >amplified by shorter primers works fine. I do not understand why this is
> >case. I hear from someone else using Pfu that PAGE purification helps.
> >Again, it eludes me. Even if bases are missing from the 5' end, why would
> >this affect polymerization?
> >
> >If Pwo and Pfu are identical, then the buffer must be responsible for any
> >discrepancies. Pwo buffer is just straight MgSO4, while Pfu's is more
> >complex and has loads of detergent in it.
> Pfu is identical to Pwo but PfuTurbo is an entirely different beast.
> PfuTurbo is Pfu plus to protein polymerase enhancing factors (some very
> very long US patent app last year). These basically act to enhance the
> 'long' PCR ability of Pfu whilst retaining the fidelity of Pfu.
> It explains why some batches of native enzyme were way better than the
> recombinant enzyme, as the native batches were 'contaminated' by these
> two extra proteins.
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