immobilizable hydro-/benzo quinones

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Thu Nov 15 22:02:03 EST 2001

Hi all, 

Does anyone know where I could get a p-benzoquinone or hydroquinone that maybe 
is trichlorinated (so it will be e.g. 2,3,5 trichloro 1,4 p-benzoquinone) that 
also has some alkyl chain attached that has a amono or carboxy group at the 

I'd like to attach one of these molecules to agarose.

If somebody thinks, one could synthesize the linker by self starting with 
something comercial like bis-(O-acetyl) bromo p-benzoquinone or similar (alike 
a Grignard strategy with N-protected omega amino alkanol?), please feel free 
to comment.

Apologies to all who think this is too far away from molecular biology.
But *here* you meet the experts, don't you?

Thanks for all input!


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