FACS tracer

Philippe Pognonec pognonec at unice.fr
Mon Nov 19 05:27:05 EST 2001

Hi there.
This may not be the best place for that question, but hopefuly, someone will be able to lead me to a better news group if no answer 
is available here...
I am looking for a construct encoding a protein that would allow us to:
-transiently express that protein as a surface marker,
-that marker would survive trypsinization (cells have to be collected from their dish),
-antibodies against that marker are commercially available, 
-these antibodies recognize that marker after EtOH fixation, so that cells can be gated during FACS analysis according to the cell 
surface marker.

Any suggestion on what that wonderful marker could be, and where its expression vector/antibodies could be found would be 
highly appreciated! Thanx for also answering directly to my e-mail address.

Philippe Pognonec.
pognonec at unice.fr

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