Total mRNA in one cell?

Sergio sergioal at
Mon Nov 19 15:43:40 EST 2001

I guess it depends a lot on the cell type and growing/cell cycle phase, but
Qiagen catalog claims it's 2E5 - 1E6 molecules/cell for typical human cell, with
a typical size of 1900 nt.
There are a couple of tables in the same page (297) about mRNA. If you don't
have access to the catalog maybe in their web site you could find some
information. Otherwise i can type it here (too lazy for doing it right now  :-)
Hope this helps..


newgene ha escrito:

> Hi, group,
>      Does anybody have some ideas about how many total mRNA in average
> generated by a cell? Like xx pmol or xx ug? Give me a reference if
> available,please.
> Thanks.
> Chunlei

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