Chemiluminescence Imagers? - 2nd try

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at
Tue Nov 20 02:19:20 EST 2001

Hi everybody, 
we are interested in purchasing a chemiluminescence imager for Southerns
(single copy genes), Northerns and, maybe the occasional in-situ
hydridisation or pcr.
We've got information material from some suppliers/producers - namely from
Syngene (MultiGenius, ChemiGenius), UVP (BioChemi System, OptiChemi
System), Alpha Innotech (ChemiImager 5500-5).
Does anybody use one of those systems and would like to share her/his
experience? Does one of these systems actually allow to use a dark room
cabinett (for blots) AND has a microscop option (C-mount for in-situ pcr or
FISH)? The information sheets are not very clear on this, sometimes.
Does anybody use a different system and is satisfied with it?
We would highly appreciate you input! If this topic is of interest to
others, I may post a summary.
Thanks in advance! Regards,

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