Chemiluminescence Imagers? - Use for microscopy

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> a chemiluminescence imager for Southerns
> (single copy genes), Northerns and, maybe the occasional in-situ
> hydridisation or pcr.
> We've got information material from some suppliers/producers - namely from
> Syngene (MultiGenius, ChemiGenius), UVP (BioChemi System, OptiChemi
> System), Alpha Innotech (ChemiImager 5500-5).
> Does anybody use one of those systems and would like to share her/his
> experience? Does one of these systems actually allow to use a dark room
> cabinett (for blots) AND has a microscop option (C-mount for in-situ pcr or
> FISH)? The information sheets are not very clear on this, sometimes.

If you can unmount the camera and remove the zoom lens, you can put it onto a 
C mount (some cameras require F mount, so you should check with the supplier. 
 However, I would personally be worried if a student or untrained technician 
would do this.  I know Alpha Innotech sells a microscope adapter kit which 
you can run a less costly Alpha camera independently from the imager camera.  
They also list a SpectraImager on their website.

UVP on their website lists a BioMicro system.

Walt Schick
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