Fw: Fw: Quality of Promega Taq??

Jonathan Rees jon at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:43:17 EST 2001

I'd try one kind of Taq, and stick with it.  The main differences between
the commercially available buffers are that some come with Mg, some without,
and that some contain a detergent, and others don't.  When you have made up
your PCR 'mastermix' - vortex it, if it contains detergent it will become
frothy and bubbly.  That could be the difference.  When PCR 'stops working',
I throw away my working primer stocks and make up fresh from TE-dissolved
stock, and make up fresh dNTPs, throwing away my old stock.  If it still
doesn't work, look at your template, and borrow a little Taq from a nearby
lab.  In this way you can eliminate 3 elements from your PCR mystery
straight away, leaving only template, Taq and water.

Good luck, don't lose hope!

Jon Rees
webmaster for http://molbiol.net - Portal for Bioinformatics and Molecular
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