help needed: reagent termed oligofectamine by Invitogen

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Thu Nov 22 08:21:56 EST 2001

Dear Joseph, 

if you cannot find it at their website ( or similar), 
couold it be that your colleague is looking for lipofectamine or lipofectamine 
2000, formerly sold by Life Technologies (now phagocyted by Invitrogen)? 
Or she just might try polyethyleneimine (PEI) transfection. works on many 
cells and is cheap (1 bathtube full of reagent for almost no cost).


> Hi, Im asking for help on behalf of a colleague. She is trying to transfect
> cells with anti-sense oligos using a reagent called Oligofectamine by
> Invitrogen. does anybody know anything at all about this reagent, or anyone who
> has used it? any info appreciated, joseph
> ---

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