carbamylyte IEF, pI values, anyone ?

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at
Fri Nov 23 05:48:31 EST 2001

Hi people, I am re-posting this message hoping there might be someone who
didnt read it the previous time I posted it and who knows the answer....

does anyone know the apparent pI values for the carbamylated standards from
Pharmacia? (just a few of them).
The company only provides pIs for the native CA, CPK and GADPH, no
information is available for the modified bands.
I bought these standards to use in immobiline IPG strips (pH 3-10, 6-11;
urea, CHAPS, DTT). The stupid thing is that they do not recommend using any
of the other pI standard mixtures for denaturing IEF (which is normal,
because pI values in urea are different from those of native proteins), but
I still would like to determine the apparent pIs of my proteins in
urea-containing gels.

(I do not have surface micro-electrode...)

many thanks in advance,



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