Reference for the Minipreparation of plasmid DNA (Rusconi mix)

Dani Hiestand hidaniel at
Wed Nov 28 00:41:32 EST 2001


I am desperately looking for the reference for the plasmid DNA
minipreparation method which uses the so called Rusconi mix:

500ul Lysozyme (10mg/ml)
500ul 0.5M EDTA
250ul 1M Tris pH 7.5
100ul RNase (10mg/ml)
1.15ml Glycerol (87%)
0.02%Bromophenol blue (endconc. of 2mg/10ml)
7.5ml H2O

store at -20 in aliquots

suspend 1 colony in 12-15ul
let stand at RT 10-15 min
add 2ul Phenol, vortex, spin 2'

Load aqueous supernatant on gel

If anyone knows it, please provide me with the needed information.

Thanks in advance

Dani Hiestand

Laboratory for Food Microbiology
Institute for Food Science
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich


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