the difference between tryptone and peptone

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Wed Nov 28 21:15:54 EST 2001

If I remember correctly, both are produced by digesting by-products of meat
industry. The difference is in the way the digestion is carried out. As the
names of products indicate, Tryptone is a tryptic digest (i.e. with
trypsin), whereas Peptone is a product of peptic digest (i.e. with crude
digestive jouces - I might be mistaken here, but it probably does not matter
much). In general, I would substitute one for another, because their
composition is very similar. Check with the manufacturer on the typical
contents of both. See for example .

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> Hello:
> Who can tell me the diffrence between tryptone and
> peptone peptone? The tryptone are used in LB
> medium,while peptone are used in YPD medium.Can I use
> peptone in LB medium,or vice versa? Thank you.
> with best wishes
> sdyang
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