Tth RT only with GSP possible?

Dr. Frank Sehlmeyer 0622755853-0003 at
Tue Oct 2 10:26:33 EST 2001

Dear Nicolas,

of course you may take oligo-dT-primer for this.
If you take 5´-dT(18)-N-3´ or 5´-dT(18)-N-N-3´ or even 5´-dT(18)-N-N-N-3´
... primers you may level up the annealing temp.
N = random A, C, G or T

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> Dear all,
> I'm only aware of methods for RT with the Tth enzyme that use a gene
> specific primer. Must this be or is oligo-dT also possible? One could
> simply make the primer longer to accomodate with higher
> annealing/extension temperatures.
> Thank you.
> Nicolas

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