b-galactosidase detection in tissue sections

Louis Hom lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Oct 10 09:21:40 EST 2001

In article <r.hartley-A0D08F.12515510102001 at singer.cent.gla.ac.uk>,
Bob Hartley  <r.hartley at bio.gla.ac.uk> wrote:
>I'd like to know if b-gal is still active after fixing in formaldehyde ( 
>I think it is, for substrate)   and what you can recomend as  a 
>detection method for 40-70Um tissue sections. EG Ab and confocal etc.

	They/we (L.E. Volkman, J.O. Washburn, et al.) didn't do activity 
staining in sections, but activity was preserved in paraformaldehyde-fixed 
whole mounts.
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