Brain Total RNA extraction

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Fri Oct 12 01:57:32 EST 2001

On 11 Oct 2001 18:30:59 -0000, Adam <adam.kuhl at> wrote:

>I am trying to extract total RNA from fish brain tissue using Trizol
>reagent, but am getting very low A260/A28.  I have seen that this could be
>due to high lipid content.  Can someone give me a good method of solving
>this problem?


I have noticed that I am getting better results with an original
method of Chomczynski & Sacchi (Anal Bioch - you can find reference
from Medline probably - if not, write me). In my hands TRIZOL was a
big disappointment. It was giving quite a messy total RNA preparation.
The original method is not really more comlicated than TRIZOL. It only
looks so. Of course, you have to make reagents yourself (nothing
really difficult)

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