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> Hi Dears
> I'm a student of Cell and Molecular Biology in M.SC grade and my thesis
> subject is Isolation and Purification of one Transcription Factor that
> contribute in increasing Transcription level of yeasts in
> electro magnetic(EM)exposure .Now my question is could i use DNA mobility
> Shift assay method as a quantitative method for assaying levels of
> Transcription factors before and after of EM expossure in cells?
> (sp.in yeasts)
> Thank you
> Have a Bright Tomorrow
> Behnam

If I was looking for an increase in transcription of some genes in response
to EM exposure(and I probably wouldn't), I would do primer extension on the
genes I thought were affected.  Mobility shift would be more complicated,
and results may be obscured by, for example, differential binding to DNA.


What in yeast do you expect to be sensitive to an EM field?

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