Gel documentation and imaging systems

Mark Pickett map at
Fri Oct 19 06:06:26 EST 2001

We have had a UVP BioDocit system since last February and everybody seems
very pleased with it (EtBr and SYBR stained gels). Even the guys using it
for their Coumassie stained PAGE (transmission mode) and Western blots
(reflectance mode) are happy, even though the internal white light (for
reflectance) looks poor. The resolution is not as high as other systems, but
we do not need this as our images do not require enlargement. UVP need to
upgrade the internal floppy drive to a zip, but not having a computer
connected is a distinct advantage as there are no configuration problems and
the system is easy to use. One problem is that the on/off switch is starting
to fail - I hope this will be repaired under warranty!
Mark Pickett
University of Southampton

"Jan van der Ploeg" <jvdploeg at> wrote in message
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> Hello,
> This question has been asked before in the past, but I would like to know
> which system for gel documentation and chemiluminescence imaging you
> to work with. I have been looking at Bio-Rad's Chemi-Doc, Alpainnotech's
> Chemiimager, the Chemigenius from Syngene, and the Chemi system from UVP.
> How important are camera resolution and amount of grey shades for
> documentation of DNA gels, protein gels and blots?
> Thanks, Jan

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