Aggregation of MDCK-II

Emir REMOVEem at
Sat Oct 20 11:31:06 EST 2001

Do you mean trypsin/EDTA when you say EDTA? If not, you should probably use
trypsin/EDTA or other protease to detach and desegregate the cells. Check
the catalog of your cell culture provider. I don't recall EDTA alone to help
with cell detaching.

"Alberto" <mrealpe at> wrote in message
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Hello.  For FACS purposes I have been culturing MDCK cells and deattaching
them from the flask by means of EDTA during a relatively long period
(around 50 minutes).  After that when I proceed to count them they looks
quite aggregated and this have been the cause to abort several further
experiments, I have heard about certain substances useful to avoid this
behaviour of the cell suspension, could anyone share with me their names
and the easier way to get them ?.  Thanxs in advance.

Mauricio Realpe


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