How many times can you re-use a Southern?

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank at
Sun Oct 21 09:05:21 EST 2001

I used to use my southerns 3-5 times without significant loss in
sensitivity, without taking any precautions in the stripping protocol. 


John Dixon wrote:
> Hi All, we have a number of replica filters with assorted mouse genomic
> digests, that we use to restriction map each locus of interest.
> Recently our hybridizing bands have started to become very faint, and
> one consideration is that the DNA may be "worn out" in some way, by
> repeated stripping (boiling 0.1% SDS, poured on, cool to RT),
> nucleases, or whatever.
> Can anyone give me a rough idea how many times we should expect to be
> able to re-use these things before they're knackered; once, ~10 times,
> ~100x, indefinitely?
> Cheers
> JD

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