FITC labelled primary antibody OK?

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> Martijn van Duijn schreef:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have been using a FITC conjugated antibody against a HA tag in my
> > favourite protein for microscopy purposes. However, I am now interested
> > in trying a western blot using this antibody.
> > Has anyone tried using (FITC)-conjugated primary antibodies? Does the
> > conjugate interfere with the recogition of the primary by the secondary
> > antibody? I hope I can avoid buying the unlabelled version of the same
> > antibody...
> >
> You could try a HRP-labelled anti-FITC antibody as a second step. Since
> FITC-labelled antibodies are so widely available, many of the antibody
> companies produce them. I know Roche does sell one, just browse through
> some catalogues.

their AP labelled anti-FITC antibody seems to be much more sensitive 
than the HRP one. In my hands at least.


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