phosphorothioate oligos as primers in PCR ?

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Tue Oct 23 12:17:54 EST 2001

Dear Josmar, 

I once tried several (5 or 6) 17 to 19 mers, full PTOs. None ove them worked. 
But I didn't try to do optimize, just was a little courious.

I'd expect the P=S bonds to cause some problems (killing the polymerase by 
forming some sort of tight bonds as also known from ATPgammaS and kinases 

But why not give it a try and tell us here?


> Hi there,
> does anyone know, whether phosphorothioate oligos will work as primers
> in PCR?
> Thanks
> Josmar
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> Josmar Langner
> NOXXON Pharma AG
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