SDS-PAGE Problem

Sergio sergioal at
Tue Oct 23 14:04:52 EST 2001

An old acrylamide stock would explain that effect.
If the stock is new made, a wrong bis-acrylamide/acrylamide proportion also
explains it.
If you store the stock solution (as i did) with the tris-buffer, the acrylamide
and the SDS, just to add the PSA and TEMED, the duration goes down. I think it's
better to keep the SDS and the acrylamide in different stock solutions.


user ha escrito:

> Dear all,
> I usually use a 13% acrylamide gel for protein electrophoresis. my samples
> are whole cell extract and a standard.
> Although I changed anything, the samples (and standard) on my last gels were
> running, as they would on a lower percentage gel.
> Has anybody an idea what might be the cause of this?
> Thanks,
> Denis

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