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BL <bkclo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
: In additional to soft dialysis tubings and those membranes mounted on a
: frame, does anyone know of any other types of devices for dialysing a
: small sample? I need to dialyse a small sample which I don't want to put
: into a dialysis tubing or have to use a syringe to put into the membrane
: device (for fear of shearing the sample). A rigid tube with a wide enough
: opening (so that I can pipette in the sample) that has low adherence to
: proteins would be ideal. thanks for any suggestions.

Drop dialysis works well for DNA: it might be possible for proteins too,
though I've never tried it for that:

1. Marusyk, R. and Sergeant, A. (1980) `A simple method for dialysis of
   small volume samples.' Anal. Biochem., 105, 403-404.

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