Winning Confirmation

hroychow at hroychow at
Mon Sep 3 14:23:11 EST 2001

Are you sure you have enough money in your fund for all of us at 

I have the perfect idea!  

Why not host the next  ASPMB meeting for us at an exotic location for us? 
Or maybe the next CSH meeting, instead of the boring Lake Tahoe ...

Or we could meet ... all of us from "methods" ... informally there...

At 07:44 PM 9/3/01 +0100, Cathy1033 at wrote:
>You have been specially selected to qualify for the following:
>Premium Vacation Package and Pentium PC Giveaway
>To review the details of the please click on the link 
>with the confirmation number below:
>Confirmation Number#Lh340
>Please confirm your entry within 24 hours of receipt of this 
>Wishing you a fun filled vacation!
>If you should have any additional questions or cann't connect to the 
>do not hesitate to contact me direct:
>mailto:vacation at!


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