pSM491/pSM492 sequence?

zach zhowar1 at
Wed Sep 5 09:20:29 EST 2001


Does anyone have the sequence for plasmid pSM491 (aka pMM146) and/or
pSM492 (aka pMM147)? I'm specifically interested in a BglII region coding
for a triple HA epitope tag. I'm working with a construct made in our lab
and I believe there's a mistake in the sequence file we have. The records
for this construction are poor - we don't seem to have sequences for the
parent plasmid containing the triple HA tag. I'm not even sure whether
pSM491 or pSM492 was used - there are conflicting records.

I'd also appreciate a published reference for the plasmids, if one exists.

Zach Howard

Graduate Student
McGraw Lab
Biology Dept
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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